Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting this package on my porch?

Doorfront Direct is a convenient new way for you to receive magazines and catalogs on your doorstep. Magazine publishers and catalog merchants are using Doorfront Direct in your area to help ensure that you receive the magazines and catalogs you want in a more reliable, consistent manner.

Who delivers this to my house?

Doorfront Direct is usually delivered by the same local carrier team that delivers the local daily newspaper in your neighborhood.

Why would magazines and catalogs want to use Doorfront Direct?

Magazine publishers and catalog merchants have begun using Doorfront Direct in your area to help provide a more consistent, reliable delivery to your home.

What if I want my Doorfront Direct package delivered to a different place at my home?

If you want to request a different delivery location (ex. side door instead of front porch), click here

Why are some magazines and catalogs still coming in the mail?

Doorfront Direct is working with magazine publishers and catalog merchants to expand in current areas and to add new markets. There will probably always be some magazines and catalogs that are delivered through the Postal Service, although we expect you to see your own weekly package count grow as Doorfront Direct expands.

Why was there a direct-mail offering in my Doorfront Direct package?

Direct marketers have found that Doorfront Direct is a convenient, reliable way to reach consumers who may be interested in their offerings. Sometimes these direct marketers will “ride along” with the magazines and catalogs in Doorfront Direct.

Can I use Doorfront Direct to handle my magazine subscription needs, like starting, renewing or stopping?

Doorfront Direct is a local delivery partner for magazines and catalogs, but we do not handle actual subscription needs like renewals or cancelations. For these, you should contact the specific magazine or catalog directly, either through their website or by calling their phone number.